Saturday, October 29, 2011

And now for something completely different.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Troops

Dear Diary Dark Lords Journal : star date sumthing or other :
Was talking to Boba Fett about how cool it would be if he would let me clone him to make a new army with his genetic information.  He said something about how demeaning it was to see thousands of slaves who all look exactly like him or something along those lines.  I think he was holding out for more credits or something.  After dangling him off a cliff while choking him with my force power for a little bit he seemed a bit more enthusiastic.

We went to see the illegal jawa fights on Tatooine and were inspired:

Smaller warriors were actually better at accomplishing certain military tactics than full-size humanoids.
I had Boba step into the Easy-Bake Clone oven and set the control to four.

Out popped these little dudes.  I'm not sure if the control setting made four of them or set their age, 
cause they look about four years old.  

Anyways they act like four year olds so that means they are the perfect destructive force for me to implement my dark and sinister schemes.  I will be making sure to avoid attending any conflicts they are engaged in personally, because they are unruly hooligans full of energy and completely invulnerable to mind persuasion force skills.  I've used video games to hone their combat skills and they are fed chocolate chip cookies to incite berserk-er rage before being air dropped into hostile territory.  I anticipate watching the carnage they shall reap across the galaxy in my name.