Sunday, August 19, 2012

Forcebook updates

A dark lord has to keep up to date information readily available to him at all times.  That's why I use  It's really easy!  You just pretend to be someones friend and then they will basically reveal all the embarrassing and tragic events they have experienced that day.  For example:

Here is a picture of Boba hiring a WOOKIEE to fix his SUV.  How embarrassing!  Let it be known that I hired someone to put sugar in his gas tank.  But wait there's more!

Looks like troop morale is down on Endor.  Time to show the "When Ewoks Attack" training film again.  We'll have a barbeque to improve morale, maybe ribs and ice cream.  That should do the trick.

Forcebook also helps me out any fool stupid enough to disrespect me on a public forum.  I'll end this blog with a fan art someone made of me.  Because I'm freaking AWESOME!
Rest in peace, Frank Frazetta.   Feb. 9th, 1928-May 10th, 2010
Your art lives on through your many fans who miss you very much.