Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Career Fair

The Galactic Empire hosted a career fair at Centares Community College this evening.  We had some lively conversation about Criminal Justice, EMT training, and the future of the galaxy.  There really is a diverse amount of career opportunities for young cadets in the Imperial Forces.  Yes, we need soldiers, but that is just the core fundamentals of a much more elaborate chain of command.  We need munition experts, pilots, chefs, artisans, craftsmen, architects, scientists, musicians (yes, musicians, okay?), doctors, lawyers, mechanics, engineers, and so on for infinity, it seems.  In fact I think I might just take over the community college.  That seems the easiest way to assimilate them all.  Anyways, we had a great booth, here's a photo I took with my camera phone.  It also functions as a light saber.  Cheers. 

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