Saturday, July 21, 2012

A New Foe!

Deep in the outer rim I have discovered a planet populated with equine force users.  They pose a great threat the Imperial Party, because their television show ( a pansy bit of fluff intended for little GIRLS) is cutting into my demographic,18-45 year old MALES!  W.T.F.?  Lord Vader cannot afford to lose his merchandising profits to little magical ponies!  The Poni force users are surprisingly powerful, as I have learned for myself.

I have decided to withdraw my forces from the planet Equestria and study these Poni warriors.  Already a small faction have allied with the Jedi under the leadership of Obi-Wan Broni.  I must find their weakness and deviate them to the Dark Side.  Until then I will suffer no Poni or Broni left alive.  Either they will willingly spend their credits on official STAR WARS licensed merchandise or they will suffer beneath my tyranny. My universe doesn't have room for sissy boys. 

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