Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hallmark moment

Got a card from Boba Fett today.  (which is really weird because most people use Apple iholo wrist communicators now) Here let me post it so you can see this.

~sigh~ It gets worse...
The inside reads:
Dear Darth Vader
I used to woder what friendship could be
until the Ponies shared their magic with me
Love and tolerance is the Brony way
I think if you learn that you'll be okay
Why so serious?  :(
yer pal Boba Fett

So I sent him this card.

the inside reads:
F--- you pony---
You can take your love and tolerance and shove it up your ---.
the guy who is going to carve you a new hole
The worst thing is I used to think he was cool.  I mean, we used to go kill sand people together just to blow off steam.  Not work or anything, you know, just drink a few brewskis and off a few sand people.  Good times.  I really thought he GOT me.  Dang.  Now I need some alone time in my isolation chamber.

Later peeps.

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