Thursday, September 29, 2011

Droid Shopping

Finally got back from the outer rim and decided it was time to replace R2.  Who knows where he is?  Had the troopers search the entire Star Destroyer.  No signs of Leia.  Might as well do a little droid shopping at this Jawa Outlet I like.  Mostly refurbished and seconds, but you can't beat the prices. 

No.  Definitely not anything by Apple, thank you.  Next!

What's that one called?  A probe droid?  Uh, no, don't need one of those.  Next!

I can't be seen in public with a Hello Kitty Droid, what are you thinking?!  Next!

What's that one do?  Dispense Mountain Dew?  Next!

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!  Next!

What's wrong with this one?  A bad motivator?  I'll give you 200 credits for it.  Let's go!


  1. Hey! That guy looks familiar!!
    ;) Cheers and thanks for the fun!

  2. Absolutely love your Jawa project, that is sooper cool. Glad you enjoy the blog, it's all about having fun! :)